Rye By The Sea 2012

Today was the big day. I have been planning on this for almost a year. This is the first multi-stage event I have done. The weather forecast had not been favorable all week and we were not disappointed with nice weather. It was mid 50’s with torrential rain.

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Scenes from Crank the Kanc

Crank the Kanc was this past Saturday. The weather was awesome! The ride went almost exactly as I had hoped and planned. Looking forward to next year!

Before the start


BJ and Bill


BJ heading out.

About 2 miles to go.

Still a long way to go.


BJ heading up, and up and up…..

BJ working hard!


BJ crossing the line. Look at those calves!

Finishing strong!

Just off the bike. Nice helmet head!


2 happy guys!

New Race! Crank the Crawford

I was supposed to participate in a 20 mile bike time  trial in Hopkinton but, I am substituting Crank for Crawford for it. It is an 18.5 mile race with a 13% grade for .75 miles at the end. It should be as much fun as crank the Kanc!


Rock and Race

Scenes from the rock and race. Great time had by all!



The Gang

Jan and Bill


Bill and Larry


Shawn and Bill

Putt4Parkinson’s raises $1400!!

Putt4Parkinson’s was held this past Saturday. It was a big success! Fun was had by all! Thanks to all of our donors. A special big thanks to Mark at Chuckster’s For all of his help!







Angels 5K

The first race in the TeamTaylor season is in the books! We had a great time even though it was a little chilly. Thanks to Karen and Paul for coming down to be a part of this race. Congrats to Jan(my wife) on her first ever 5K! Next up-Rock and Race in two weeks!

Karen, Bill and Jan

Parkinson’s awareness day

April 11th is Parkinson’s awareness day. It is named in honor of James Parkinson (April 11, 1755 to December 21, 1824). He was an English physician, geologist, paleontologist, and political activist. James Parkinson was born in Shoreditch, London, England. He was the son of John Parkinson, an apothecary and surgeon practicing in Hoxton Square in London. In 1784 James Parkinson was approved by the Corporation of London as a surgeon.

On May 21, 1783, he married Mary Dale, with whom he had six children. Soon after, James succeeded his father in his practice in Hoxton Square. He believed that any wothwhile physician should know shorthand, at which he was adept. He died in London, on the 21st of December 1824.

Essay on Shaking Palsy

He is most famous for his 1817 work, Essay on the Shaking Palsy, a description of the disease which later became known as Parkinson’s Disease. The essay is often considered to be Parkinson’s greatest contribution to medicine.  The 66-page octavo volume describes a series of six cases, three of whom were never actually examined by Parkinson but rather observed casually on the street.  The cases differ in severity of disease and depth of observation, but Parkinson’s astute clinical descriptions capture the insidious onset and long duration of disease, asymmetry of motor signs and rest tremor, sense of weakness, flexed posture, and festinating gait.  He noted the progressive disease course with increasing immobility and dependence, disturbances of sleep, speech and bodily functions, but sparing of the “senses and intellect.”   In the Essay, Parkinson also discusses historical knowledge of tremor and gait disorders, possible etiologies and neuroanatomical localization, and proposed treatments.

It was Jean Martin Charcot who coined the term “Parkinson’s disease” over 60 years later.

Click on the image below and you will be taken to a page where you can read the essay if you would like.

credit: The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences

10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease That Doctors Often Miss

Medications can slow the course of Parkinson’s. Know how to recognize
early symptoms of Parkinson’s, so you or a loved one can get medical help.
By Melanie Haiken, Caring.com

Let’s be honest: A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can be pretty unnerving. In fact, an April 2011 survey by the National Parkinson’s Foundation revealed that people will avoid visiting the doctor to discuss Parkinson’s even when experiencing worrisome symptoms, such as a tremor. Continue reading


TeamTaylor is pleased to announce the date for our mini-golf tournament to benefit the Summit4StemCell funding project! It will be held on Saturday May 5th. The rain date is May 12th. To register please call Chuckster’s at (603) 798.3555. The cost is $20 per person for which you will receive  a free ice cream, free soda, a free t-shirt and a round of golf. There will be prizes on each hole for a hole-in-one(while supplies last) and a raffle will be held after the event. ALL profits will go to benefit the Summit4StemCell funding project.

We hope to see you there!

How to follow Update

For those of you who wish to follow this site by email and use a smart phone, I have added a widget to help with that. Just scroll down through the posts and you will eventually get to the side bar. You will find it just under “Recent posts”. It is “Follow Blog via Email”. Click on it, enter your email address and you with receive updates directly into your in box.

See you out on the road!